Fulbright Hint #4 – 2014

This is the 4th Hints Email:

• Remember: after July 1, I will only send these hints to people who have officially started a Fulbright application and indicated that they are applying through Syracuse University.

• When completing your Fulbright application and writing your essays, pay attention to the fact that Fulbright emphasizes “Cultural Exchange” and “Community Engagement.” You need to be sure to address these issues in your proposal. There is a question in the application that specifically asks you about this, and there are any number of ways that you can indicate your willingness to represent the US abroad, as well as share appreciate and respect for the culture you will be experiencing. Think freely, but also be sure what you suggest you will is feasible!

• Remember that the SU deadline is September 15th! You must email me a PDF of your COMPLETE application by that date. (Your letters of recommendation will be due then too – however, I will obtain those from the on-line site.)