CFSA’s mission is to raise awareness of competitive national fellowship opportunities among undergraduates, graduate students, and recent alumni. We also share information about fellowships with faculty and staff who can identify and support strong candidates. CFSA helps connect applicants with awards best suited to their goals and qualifications, and assists with every stage of the application process from planning and drafting materials through preparing for interviews. CFSA strives to provide a transformative educational experience for all candidates by helping them focus their goals, narrate their stories, and strengthen skills they will use beyond the application process.

What scholarships and fellowships does CFSA help students pursue?

CFSA helps students apply for nationally competitive awards that support a wide range of professional and academic pursuits, from language training abroad and summer research experiences to graduate tuition and post-graduate fellowships. These external awards are usually funded by foundations or government agencies seeking to support exceptional individuals who are making a significant impact in their academic disciplines and communities, and who show great promise to continue to do so in the future. Examples include the Fulbright U.S. Student Program to teach English or conduct research abroad; the Marshall Scholarship to pursue graduate study in the UK; the Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford;  the Goldwater Scholarship for outstanding undergraduates pursuing scientific research; the Udall Scholarship for students of Native American tribal policy and/or environmental issues; the Schwarzman Scholars Program to study for a Master’s degree in global affairs in Beijing; the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program for exemplary graduate students conducting research; and many others.

Students early in their careers are also eligible for several awards, including the Gilman Scholarship to fund study abroad, the Fulbright Summer Institutes in the UK, and the Critical Language Scholarship to pursue cultural and language immersion abroad.


Why apply for a scholarship?

Recipients of these prestigious awards receive financial support, extraordinary experience and study opportunities in their fields, networking opportunities, and the honor and recognition that accompany the scholarships.

Aside from these kinds of tangible outcomes, applicants find great value in the process itself. Through preparing their application materials, including personal statements, statements of purpose, and critical essays, students clarify their intellectual and career goals and learn how to articulate their values. Applicants also develop writing and interviewing skills that will prepare them for future graduate school applications, research proposals, and job interviews.

How does CFSA help?

CFSA staff offers a number of services to its students, including one-on-one advising, interest sessions on specific scholarships, writing workshops for applicants preparing essays, and interview preparation.

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Please refer questions to CFSA's general email account, cfsa@syr.edu, or reach us by phone at 315-443-2091.