CFSA’s mission is to raise awareness of competitive national fellowship opportunities among undergraduates, graduate students, and recent alumni. We also share information about fellowships with faculty and staff who can identify and support strong candidates. CFSA helps connect applicants with awards best suited to their goals and qualifications, and assists with every stage of the application process from planning and drafting materials through preparing for interviews. CFSA strives to provide a transformative educational experience for all candidates by helping them focus their goals, narrate their stories, and strengthen skills they will use beyond the application process.


Staff & Advisors

Jolynn Parker 


As the Director of CFSA, Jolynn helps plan and implement CFSA’s strategies for student success. She works with students and faculty on scholarship-related initiatives and programming, and advises students throughout the application process. From brainstorming early drafts to advising students as they finalize their applications, Jolynn is dedicated to providing SU students and alumni with unparalleled support.

To email Jolynn directly: jmpark02@syr.edu




Melissa Welshans

Assistant Director

As the Assistant Director of CFSA, Melissa supports the Director in planning and implementing CFSA initiatives. She conducts advising meetings with prospective scholarship applicants to determine awards that are a good fit for them, and supports students throughout the application process. In short, Melissa helps students identify how CFSA can support them in achieving their professional and academic goals.

To email Melissa directly: mlwelsha@syr.edu



Adam Crowley

Scholarship Advisor

As a scholarship advisor in CFSA, Adam works with SU students and alumni to identify nationally competitive scholarship and fellowship opportunities and advises them throughout the application process. He is particularly focused on working with applicants for national awards that emphasize public service.

To email Adam directly: arcrowle@syr.edu