Syracuse University Scholar Dean's Transmittal Form

Complete your Dean's Transmittal Form in two steps.  First, fill out Part I, below, which asks for information on your college selection process.  When you click “submit” you’ll receive a PDF of your completed form, sent to your email address.  Please print the PDF and affix the Dean’s signature.  Next, complete and submit Part II, which asks for nominee information, for each nominee.  You will receive a PDF of your nominee information for each form you submit.    

You will ultimately need to compile the materials for each nominee—including cover sheet, nomination form, resume, Dean’s Transmittal Form (Parts I and II), personal statement, transcript, letters of recommendation, and samples of work--into a single PDF for final submission (see "Guidelines for Student Portfolios.")  Part I of the Dean’s Transmittal Form will be the same for each nominee from your school or college; you will need to complete Part II separately for each nominee.