The Syracuse Scholars Program

About Syracuse University Scholars

The Syracuse University Scholars are a group of eight to twelve academically outstanding graduating seniors. They are selected by a university-wide faculty committee from candidates nominated by the schools and colleges. Each undergraduate school or college nominates at least two students, or as many as one student for every 100 students in the graduating class (calculated on a five year average) to the university-wide committee. Individual schools and colleges follow their own selection processes. Student are nominated or invited to apply by their departments, schools, or colleges. If you are nominated or invited, you will be asked to submit a portfolio of supporting documents. Please contact your department or dean's office with questions or for more information about the school or college's nomination process.

Lawrence C. Davis, Undergraduate Chair
201 Slocum Hall,, 443-2256
Vittoria Buccina, Director of Recruitment
201 Slocum Hall,, 443-5074

Arts & Sciences
Kandice Salomone, Associate Dean
323 Hall of Languages,, 443-1643

School of Education
Amie Redmonds, Senior Assistant Dean
111 Waverly, Suite 230,, 443-2506
Carol Dewitt, Assistant to the Senior Assistant Dean
111 Waverly, Suite 230,, 443-2506

Engineering & Computer Science
Kathleen Joyce, Assistant Dean for Recruitment
223 Link Hall,, 443-2219

Falk College
Eileen Lantier, Associate Dean
400 White Hall,, 443-9824

Information Studies
Julie Huynh, Director, Academic Advising & Student Engagement
114 Hinds Hall,, 443-4133

Lindsay D. Quilty, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs
415 Whitman,, 443-2361

Public Communications
Rosanna Grassi, Associate Dean for Students
505 Newhouse 1,, 443-1908

Visual & Performing Arts
Vicki Smith, Student Support Services
200 Crouse College,, 443-3089
Carlota Deseda-Coon, Asst Director, Student Services
200 Crouse College,, 443-4098

To see a list of previous Syracuse University Scholars, visit the Syracuse University Archives.