Young Research Fellow Budget Request

Young Research Fellows have access to research funding of up to $4000 over two years to support independent research and creative work during the summer and/or academic year.

Fellows must submit the following information in order to access this funding.

Budget Worksheet

Click here to download YRF Budget Worksheet

This worksheet includes many of the categories academic research typically requires; your budget is likely to include some of these items, but not others. Feel free to modify this format to suit your project, or create your own format for a budget that clearly states your needs. Whatever format you use, your budget should contain appropriate subtotals under each category, and a “grand total” at the bottom.

Here are some guidelines to bear in mind:

  • Include all relevant dates: of travel, access to archives, etc.
  • “Notes” allows you to include any relevant explanations. If the item is self-explanatory, leave “Notes” blank.
  • Research stipend: If you are requesting a research stipend for room, board, and utilities in Syracuse during the summer while you pursue your research, here are the amounts we allow:
    • Rent: up to $360/month
    • Food: up to $105/week
    • Utilities: up to $100/month
  • Travel funding: If you are requesting travel funding, the amounts will vary depending upon where you are going. Research what the appropriate amounts would be by searching for your proposed travel dates on Kayak, Travelocity, or on airlines’ websites. You should similarly research hotel and other travel costs so your budget is as accurate as possible.
  • Please note: Many non-consumable items (cameras, equipment, etc.) must be returned to CFSA at the completion of your project for use by future fellows.
  • Contact us if you have questions—we’re happy to consult as you prepare your budget!

Budget Request Form

Use this form to submit your research plan.