Remembrance Scholar - FAQs

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General Application FAQs

Who is eligible to apply?

Students who will be graduating in December or May of the following academic year are eligible to apply.

What are the requirements to apply?

Applicants are evaluated on three main criteria – service to the community, leadership, and distinguished scholarship. Applicants can find a description of these criteria here. Applicants must demonstrate their competence and/or ability in all of these areas. The Selection Committee evaluates each written application, and each interview with semifinalists, with respect to all three criteria.

Are international students eligible to apply?

Yes, international students are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Who chooses the Remembrance Scholars?

A committee consisting of 12 SU faculty and staff and 12 former Remembrance Scholars make the final selections.

If I am studying abroad (or off campus), am I still eligible for the scholarship?

Yes, if you are studying abroad (or off campus), you can still be considered for the scholarship. A student who reaches the interview stage in the selection process, but is not on campus, will be interviewed via Skype or phone.

Do I need to submit references?

Yes, two submitted recommendation forms are required. One recommendation must come from a faculty member who has taught, advised, mentored, or supervised you. The second recommendation can come from an individual who knows you in a professional capacity (employer or supervisor) or can be from another academic.

You should choose recommenders who know you well and who can comment thoughtfully on your abilities and personal attributes, particularly your fit with the Remembrance Scholar selection criteria. It is your responsibility as an applicant to provide your recommenders with any materials that would be helpful to them in completing the recommendation form. Resumes or CVs, transcripts, writing samples, and draft application essays are common resources that recommenders find helpful.

Requests for recommendations should be made early in the application process to ensure that the recommender has enough time to respond.

Should I list my community service from high school or at a previous college (transfer student), or does only my community service as an SU student count?

Greater emphasis is placed on your current activities, but it is important to establish your overall commitment to community service.


Interview FAQs

If I am selected for an interview, will I receive confirmation?

Yes. All students selected for an interview will receive directions on how to schedule an interview online, and they will receive an e-mail confirmation.

What should I wear to the interview?

You should wear business casual attire to your interview.

Who will be at the interview?

The Remembrance Scholarship selection committee is comprised of 24 faculty, staff and Remembrance Scholars (current and alumni). Two faculty/staff members and two Remembrance Scholars will conduct each interview.

What type of questions will be asked at the interview?

No two interviews are exactly alike. However, you’ll likely be asked questions about current events – local, national and international. It is also likely that you’ll be asked questions about your SU experiences and any information that you included in your application. The interview is an opportunity to expand on what you’ve written, not simply repeat what the committee has read about you.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to