Take a Look at Junior Summer Opportunities

When it comes to applying to scholarships and fellowships it is never too early to start looking for an opportunity. Two SU juniors recently applied for and received awards that will fund enriching summer experiences in their fields before their senior year. Chizobam Nwagwu, a policy studies and neuroscience majors, is a recipient of a Public Policy and International Affairs fellowship (PPIA) for the summer of 2017. PPIA is a summer program hosted by various institutions which strives to promote the inclusion and full participation of underrepresented groups in public service and to advance their leadership roles throughout our civic institutions serving domestic and international affairs. The program is designed to encourage participants to apply to graduate school in public policy, public administration, international affairs, or a related field. Zainab Abadalis, an English and textual studies and mathematics major, has received a MIICCHERS award for the summer of   2017. Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholars Program (MICHHERS) is summer research program sponsored by the University of Michigan which provides training and research opportunities to juniors interested in pursuing a doctorate in humanities.


Chizobam NwagwuChizobam will be participating at the PPIA Junior Summer Institute hosted by University of Minnesota’s Humphry School of Public Affairs. Chizobam brings a unique perspective to the program with her science and research-based background. She is excited about the opportunities to network with other policy studies majors and professionals. She believes the alumni support from PPIA will help her with her future career, as the program is known for continued support. This program will help her pursue her passion for public health and the promotion of the inclusion of underrepresented groups in public policy.




Zainab AbdaliZainab will be participating the MICHHERS program in early June. “The program really appealed to me because it offered me a way to learn more about pursuing a graduate degree in English and to work closely with a faculty member in my field,” says Zainab. As someone interested in reading, analyzing and possibly eventually teaching literature by writers of color, she relates to MICCHERS’ goal of promoting diversity within the humanities. MICHHERS will allow Zainab to work with experienced faculty in a variety of fields and help her focus on her plans for graduate school.