A Student Perspective on the Fulbright Process

After previously speaking with SU’s Fulbright Campus Committee, CFSA asked students about their experience being interviewed by the committee. We interviewed senior and Remembrance Scholar Kimberly Juarez about her experience.


What is your goal with the Fulbright Scholarship?

I want the opportunity to pay forward the experiences I have had and the education I have been privileged with as a U.S. citizen by being a teaching assistant in Guatemala. I want to involve parents in their children’s education and engage the students by using music in the classroom for educational purposes. The Fulbright ETA is Guatemala requires a “supplemental project” in addition to teaching English. For my supplemental project, I would like to hold after school classes to educate parents and children about how they can lead healthier lives.


What did you expect from the interview process? Did it meet these expectations?

I expected a very formal interview, but I was surprised that I felt very comfortable with the interviewers. I really appreciated that I was given feedback on my application on the spot; it has been very helpful as I revise my final application.


Did the interview with the SU Fulbright Campus Committee help you feel more prepared?

I do feel more prepared. By getting other experienced people’s perspectives, I can help strengthen my own application.


What advice do you have for future applicants?

The best advice is to always start early. For the Fulbright ETA or the Fulbright research/study grant, you have to have a strong connection with the country that you are applying to reside in during the Fulbright program. You need to get familiar with the country  and try to know as much as possible about the culture, the language, and the people you will meet and work with there.